With L-Glutamine and Sodium Pyruvate

by in Cellular buffers, Products 2019-06-12

Amino acids in DMEM are twice as high as EMEM, and the amount of vitamins DMEM is fourfold comparing its amount in EMEM and have the same amount of iron nitrate, sodium pyruvate and some aminoacidal supplements.The original formula contains 1000 mg / L of glucose and culture of mouse embryonic cells is the first report of this Medium. Changes in glucose up to 4500 mg / L were found to be suitable for the culture of different types of cells. DMEM is a basic culture medium without proteins and growth promoters, therefore they need supplements to become the perfect medium. The most common supplement for this medium is the serum of the fetal bovine (FBS) 5-10%.DMEM uses a sodium bicarbonate buffering  system. Therefore, the amount of artificial CO2 required to keep constant the amount of PH.The powder is considered to be without sodium bicarbonate because it tends to have no gas in powder form. Powder in this Medium requires adding 3.7 g / l of water-soluble sodium bicarbonate.DMEM is initially used to cultivate stem cells of the mouse embryo. This Medium is used for the primary cells of mouse and chicken to develop viral plaques studies.

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