RPMI1640 With L-GlutaMAX and 25mM HEPES Buffer

by in Cellular buffers, Products 2019-06-12

RPMI1640 one of the proposed medium with a  wide  range of applications for mammalian cells,  especially for hematopoietic cells. RPMI is a modified version  of McCoys 5A and used to cultivate peripheral blood lymphocytes. RPMI1640 is prepared of  Sodium bicarbonate buffer for the cultivation of many mammalian cells in typical conditions (PH=8). RPMI1640 supports the growth of a wide variety of cells in soluble and single-layer state. If this medium comes with a serum or a suitable replacement for the serum and It can be used as a  functional culture medium for mammalian cells,  including human lymphocytes, integrated protocols  and hybrid cell growth.

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