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Ham’s F14 Medium was elaborated from Ham’s F12 which was originally developed for the serum-free clonal growth of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells, lung cells and mouse L-cells. Ham’s F14 contains a double concentration of amino acids compared to the Ham’s F12. This product is also supplemented with Calcium Chloride and Ascorbic Acid.

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Additional information

Theoretical pH

7.4 ± 0.3


340 mOsm/kg ± 10 %


Salmon to pink colored solution

Storage conditions

+2°C to +8°C

Shelf life

24 months

Sterility tests

– Bacteria in aerobic and anaerobic conditions
– Fungi and yeasts


< 1 EU/ml

Indications of deterioration

Medium should be clear and free of particulate and flocculent material. Do not use if medium
is cloudy or contains precipitate.
Other evidence of deterioration may include color change or degradation of physical or
performance characteristics.


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