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CMRL media was originally developed by Connaught Medical Research Laboratories for the growth of Earle’s “L” cells under serum-free conditions. CMRL media is also especially useful for cloning monkey kidney cells and for growth of many other mammalian cell lines when supplemented with horse or calf serum.

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Additional information

Theoretical pH

3.3 ± 0.3


241 mOsm/kg ± 10%


yellow -orange powder , yellow in liquid

Storage conditions

+2°C to +8°C

Shelf life

24 months


< 1 EU/ml

Indications of deterioration

Dry powder medium should be free flowing. Do not use if powder caked. Prepared medium should be cleared of particulates and flocculent material. Do not use if liquid medium is cloudy or contains precipitate. Other evidence of deterioration may include color change or degradation of physical or performance characteristics.


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