Hams F-10 (1x)

by in Cell culture medium, Products 2019-06-11

Ham’s F-10 was first developed by R. G. Ham (1962) for supporting single-cell growth of a diploid Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell line. This medium was found to be superior to an existing medium, F7, for both serum-free growth of CHO and for low-serum requirements of other mammalian cell lines. The key features include a higher amount of arginine, low tryptophan, proline and a variety of other nutrients such as thiamine, hypoxanthine and zinc. Depending on the application, commercial formulations of Ham’s F-10 may come with or without serum supplementation. Ham’s F-10 is known not only to support primary explants of chicken, rabbit and rat tissues, but also the growth of White Blood Cells (WBC’s) for chromosomal analysis and the growth of human diploid cells. F10 Nutrient Mixture (Ham’s) provides greater reliability and improved consistency in mammalian cell culture resulting in better overall efficiency.

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