Fixed Tissue Mini Kit DNA Extraction With Proteinase K

by in DNA Extraction Kit, Products 2019-06-12

The molecular biology department of this center to reduce the cost and time of tests As well as raising the quality, it has been designing and manufacturing a variety of DNA extraction kits from a variety of biological samples.

The benefits of these kits are:

DNA extraction from blood and cellular and tissue samples with the highest quality, simple and fast quality and non-use of organic and toxic substances such as phenol, chloroform, etc.

Complete removal of contaminants and deterrent materials

Increase extraction efficiency from very low sample sizes

Reduce extraction time

Applicable to different types of samples (blood, bacteria, tissue)

These kits have been designed and manufactured based on the combination of the Salting out method and simultaneous use of Proteinase K and the benefits of it include the following:

The ability to extract DNA from the sample with high efficiency and also the highest purity.

 Non-use of toxic and dangerous substances such as phenol, chloroform and…

Complete removal of contaminants and deterrent materials.

The highest efficiency in extracting DNA from very low sample sizes.

Usability for 50 samples.

No need for homogeneity due to the use of Proteinase K

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