RNA Extraction Kit

cDNA Synthesis Kit

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You will find all the things that you need to build a cDNA in this kit. Script Reverse Transcriptase is an engineered enzyme that does not have RNase H activity and it works well at high temperatures. The two above mentioned properties will increase the sensitivity of the reaction, increase the efficiency of the cDNA […]

RNA Extraction Kit With TRIzol 25ml

by in Products, RNA Extraction Kit 2019-06-12

This protocol uses CBSA TRIzol (also known as CBSATRIzol) for the isolation of total RNA. CBSATRIzol is a mixture of guanidine thioacyanate and phenol, which effectively dissolves DNA, RNA and protein on homogenization or lysis of tissue sample. After adding chloroform and centrifuging, the mixture separates into 3 phases with the upper clear aqueous phase […]