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CBSAlife Ltd.

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CBSAlife Ltd. with the goals of fundamental research and application of science into real life in different fields of biology based on the needs of the scientific societies  with a skilled team of professors and activists in the field of research and production starts his activity from 2020.


– Cell Culture Media

-Microbiological Media

– DNA & RNA Extraction kits

– Cellular & Molecular Buffers


– Research Advice

– Isolation and Molecular Identification of Microorganisms

– DNA sequencing

Company members

Mehdi Kargar

M.Sc. in Microbiology
21 years experiences in Microbiological research

Sadegh Ghorbanidalini
COB, R&D Manager

Ph.D. in Genetics
11 years experiences in Molecular Genetics and Stem Cell researches

Sowgol Zomorodian
Production Manager

M.Sc. in Mycology
6 years experiences in mycological research

Shahrokh Lorzadeh
Executive Manager

Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics
6 Years experiences in Stem Cell researches

Sanaz Motamedi
Internal Manager

B.Sc. in Microbiology
6 years experiences in Microbiology


Become the world’s most affluent company; a company in which researchers, academics have all the products at their disposal. We are here to help our customers in the best way. We truly believe in the power of ideas to change attitudes, healthy ways of life, and ultimately the world.

Promoting Ideas Creating a link between professional people around the world to improve their creativity and success. Create an economic opportunity for all members of the global workforce. Creating a company that will improve the quality of health and the communities in which we live and work.

We are trusted health partners who work to create the world’s healthiest communities.

We are here to bring all our forces together in all groups to eliminate the barriers, create new markets, we are a mission-based company whose goal is to set up excellent standards for products.

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Our Mission

The team of CBSAlife is committed to provide customers with first class sample preparation kits for RNA, DNA and protein purification, clean-up and concentration for use in research applications as well as diagnostics, and to provide dedicated and expert support services to customers and partners worldwide. CBSAlife is also dedicated to providing high quality, competent molecular diagnostic testing for research purposes and clinical trials.

The production of a variety of sterile cell culture media, buffers, and antibiotics, ready to use and of high quality is a priority for the company.

CBSAlife will achieve this through commitment to:

  • Providing high quality, first-class, cost effective products
  • Continuous improvements in quality system, manufacturing operations, business practices and products
  • Continuous improvements to customer satisfaction by maintaining a customer feedback process to capture and analyze customer needs and feedback on product effectiveness
  • Identification, resolution, correction and prevention of quality problems
  • Educating and training employees to accomplish quality goals
  • Maintaining our Quality Management System so as to conform to ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 15189:2012,